How Can We Help You?

  • Students in our program receive training on what’s expected from an employee on any job and how to interact respectfully with coworkers and management staff.
  • STEP staff continue to stay in contact with employers while the student is in high school to be aware of any changes and provide assistance if needed to address these changes.
  • STEP staff can offer creative problem solving suggestions to businesses looking to address their needs in working with an employee with a disability.
  • STEP may be able to offer partial wage reimbursement if an employer is trying to determine if a student in the program should be hired.  We offer an on-the-job evaluation or an on-the-job training package for some qualified students when an employer is unsure of the student’s ability to do the job.
  • If you would like to provide a link for applications to your business, please email that information along with a contact name and phone number to: info@qcstep.org.

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QC Step helps employers fill entry level positions in our community

Are you struggling to fill basic entry-level positions? We have contact with high school students who are ready to work!


Give high school students who live in your community a chance to work for you!

QC Step  

Isaiah is a graduate of Rock Island High School. While in school, he received assistance with an application, interviewing skills, and a reference for a grocery store job.  Isaiah was hired and went from bagger to checker to grocery store clerk. He then continued to work for the company at a store in Dubuque, IA while earning his Bachelor’s Degree. Isaiah comments that STEP “has helped me a ton”.