I want to be…

Find ideas for what you might want to do while in high school and beyond. Learn what it takes to succeed at what you want to be!

Getting & Keeping a Job

While in high school, learn about the skills and qualities employers look for in an employee. Discover and practice the processes of applying and interviewing for jobs. Practice skills on how to make it on the job.

Preparing for training or education after high school?

Get connected to ongoing services that may provide assistance as you seek certification or degree programs after high school graduation.

Do you attend one of these high schools & have an IEP, 504 Plan or a disability? Contact us to begin the next STEP in your life!


I have an idea of what I’d like to be or do. What will it take to get there?

QC Step  

Kimberly is a recent graduate of United Township High School. While in STEP classes, she participated in training sites, which ultimately resulted in paid work opportunities. Kimberly said, “Because I trained while in high school, they were able to see my skills, and I was able to get a part-time job my senior year. I was able to talk to people more and it helped me to be less shy.”